After the first mentoring, Stefanie writes: Nina has the gift of gently and persistently picking up people wherever behavior patterns appear in the body and in their perception. Her attentive and loving approach enabled me to get involved with my inner, painful issues and to penetrate to the source and the longing behind it. The resulting consciousness now helps me in the next steps of the transformation. Thank you dear Nina for your gifts and your wonderful way of working with people. I can recommend you wholeheartedly.

Stefanie Pascarella

After the first mentoring, Andreas from Biel writes: I came to Nina with a specific topic, and not with a little thing from the last few weeks. On the contrary, it was actually a real life issue. A chunk that I've often approached from different sides. After about 15 minutes in the session, I was very surprised, how quickly I could penetrate into deep areas of my subconscious and find really positive and good treasures there. The process then evidently ran successfully and sustainably. It was a few weeks ago that this session was hold and I can still integrate these treasures into my everyday life. Thanks Nina.


After 3 Mentorings with Nina, Jana writes: You get the feeling of Nina, that she looks straight into your soul without you say anything. Nina has a gift for precisely describing feelings, feeling the other person's mood and tackling a specific problem in a targeted manner. I thought that I could hide from the environment the difficulties and fears I had struggled with for many years and I had already come to terms with them in life. But Nina opened my eyes and showed me that you can work on any of your problems and that you don't just have to survive, but to live. Only now after therapies with her, at the age of almost thirty, I do begin to perceive my strengths and see the progress that is now being reflected in my surroundings. She showed me clearly what I suspected and couldn't express correctly and she helped me to decipher my problems. There are only a few people with skills like Nina and it is really important to her to help others - she always took as much time for me as I needed. So I would recommend Nina to anyone without hesitation.

Jana Nydegger

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