What do you get?

Are you turning in circles?

Do you keep going with the same thoughts, fears, or behaviors? Have you had experiences, that infect your everyday life in an unpleasant way? Or do you just want to improve your performance in certain situations?

Then there is good news: You can have a positive influence on your well-being, because hypnosis can help to create new connections in the subconscious and to build up new trains of thought and feelings. This creates a new reality for you and your life can become easier and freer.


A hypnosis session can, for example, help with weight reduction, smoking cessation, stress, fears (including fear of flying), nervousness, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, self-confidence, sleep disorders, panic attacks, pain therapy and improvement of sports or work performance.


Through the deep relaxation state in hypnosis, we get deeper into the subconscious than in a awake state. This makes it easier to solve patterns. During hypnosis you are approachable, and you can remember what is important after the session.

I am a certified hypnotherapist NGH / VSH. Please discuss with your basic therapist whether supplementary hypnotherapy can promote the process.


What are you investing?

CHF 240.- (flat rate per session)

Are you in?