What do you get?

I am happy to look behind your conditioning, beliefs, blockages and your mind and recognize connections. We work with methods that optimally support you energetically, mentally and physically. These can be:


  • High-energy meditations© by Susanne Brahier (immediate increase of your energy, alignment of your system to the highest light frequencies)
  • Healing in the energy field and in the body (releasing the old, anchoring the new)
  • Meditations for concentration and clarification
  • Soul Connection Meditations© by Susanne Brahier (contact to the soul space or to the higher self)
  • Soul Print Reset
  • Physical exercises
  • Breathing exercises
  • Conversations
  • Light language
  • Chakra balancing
  • Energy field harmonization and much more

I am a yoga teacher, adult educator for foreign languages, hypnotherapist, meditation teacher and practiced Vipassana mediation according to Goenka in Switzerland and India. I also have trainings and further education in spiritual healing, mediumship and Reiki. I have been dealing with interpersonal relationships, emotions, expansion of consciousness and healing since a very young age. I get to the bottom of things, bring to light what is needed for your transformation, if necessary I name them very specifically, depending on what best serves you. 

I am a Diamond Light Ambassador© by Susanne Brahier, I apply the latest light instruments. With this powerful work, a transformation can happen very quickly.

We usually need 1 to 3 sessions for your request.

What do you invest?

CHF 240.- (flat rate per session)

 Are you in?