"Each step of your growth is like a new note of your own personal symphony".

For over 20 years I have been fascinated and taught the interaction of body, mind and soul. Mediumship and intuition, as well as the play of energies and the thinking of the limitless, flows naturally into my work. 

I always just went ahead. Through. Humble and grateful. My eventful life was the most intensive school ever. To get involved in the path of experience was the deepest and most spiritual task for me. In relationships in particular, I really wanted to explore all layers. I always looked for people and lessons to mirror and teach me, so that I could work on myself and grow. So I gratefully accepted all the encounters and lessons. 



I knew deep inside that it was a gift to make me a richer and more experienced woman and to achor love even more deeply in me.

Today I put my remarkable life experience at your disposal, because continuous growth and transformation are the most important things to me.  And because I want true, intimate and sparkling relationships for all of us. Connections in which we are closest to ourselves, we thereby ensoul the relationship again and again and we open the gate for (relationship-) miracles!

Do you want to know more about me, or just drop me a line: post@wundervoller-kraftraum.com