Are you looking for me?

Did you hear me singing on the street? Nice, you have followed the curiosity and look around on my side, what I do in my life. And you? Are you a guitarist, bass player or do you play the keys? For my new band project in Biel-Bienne I want passionate musicians. If you feel a “yes”, then get in touch with me!

My personal street music challenge

In secondary school only, I stood singing as a soloist in front of an audience. Never since then. But the desire to do this has been so huge all these decades and my passion for singing reminded unbroken. The longer I kept this wish unfulfilled, the greater the inhibition threshold became, and my head kept finding new reasons not to implement it.

Since the year 2021 was already an incredibly healing and transforming year for me, I continue to clear up old beliefs, obstacles and restrictions in order to really become free inside and to pursue what I really love. That’s why I’m finally singing. I do it, on the streets of Switzerland, because to do this step, requires the most overcoming for me and I see the greatest potential for growth in it.

Do you also dare to face your deepest fears? Do you also know that your mind tries to suggest “ifs and buts” to you and wants to condition you again and again, whispering to you that it is not the right time to take the next step right now?

Follow your feeling, free yourself from everything that keeps you small, leave your comfort zone, expand your limits and live your true dimension! If you like, write to me which challenge you personally accept or how I can support you. Maybe I could open your blinders a little and let a spark of light flow in, that would be wonderful!