What do you get?

Do you want to support your child?

The children’s hypnosis is carried out very playfully and sensitively. Children can often get into hypnosis with ease, as they are also in a hypnosis-like state during the day. For them, it’s like a new way to go to sleep while still hearing everything and remembering what’s important after the session.

Through the state of relaxation in hypnosis, we get deeper into the subconscious than in a mere waking state. This makes it easier to solve patterns and save new ones.

Hypnosis can help children, adolescents, as well as parents and relatives to create a new reality and to make life easier and freer for everyone.


Topics for hypnotherapy can be:

Strengthen self-confidence, let go of stress and fears such as exam anxiety, concentration and learning difficulties, relationship, separation, loss or detachment topics, compulsions, phobias, allergies, nail chewing, bedwetting, sleep disorders, support for pain, dyslexia, anger etc

The consent of a parent is required before performing hypnosis. During the therapy, the companion of the child may be present in the room. The content of hypnosis is always discussed or worked out in advance with the child and the companion.

I am a certified hypnotherapist NGH/VSH, child hypnosis therapist VSH and myself a mother of twins. It is always a matter close to my heart to give a child ease or strength. Please discuss with the child’s basic therapist whether supplementary hypnotherapy can support the process.

What are you investing?

CHF 240.- (flat rate per session)

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