What do you get?

In a channeling session I make myself available as a medium and open the space for the information of the spiritual world.

Prepare your specific questions before the session and I will channel the answers from the highest source for you. This method requires me to empty myself completely and open myself to tune into these highest frequencies. 

A channeling can be an excellent start, for a subsequent private mentoring or can also be used to get information in case of uncertainties. Ultimately, all of our topics are interwoven, which is why the answers from the spiritual world can affect all areas of your life. The answers you receive allow you to look at the topics or clarify and work on them in a targeted manner. 

A session can last up to an hour, depending on how much information I receive.

I am a yoga teacher, adult educator for foreign languages, hypnotherapist, meditation teacher and practiced Vipassana mediation according to Goenka in Switzerland and India. I also have trainings and further education in spiritual healing, mediumship and Reiki. I have been dealing with interpersonal relationships, emotions, expansion of consciousness and healing since a very young age. I get to the bottom of things, bring them to light, if necessary I name them very specifically, depending on what best serves your transformation. 

I am a Diamond Light Ambassador© by Susanne Brahier and apply the latest light instruments. With this powerful work, a transformation can happen very quickly. Channeling is about a pure form of information from above.

A channeling takes place once, but can of course always be repeated for further concerns. 

What do you invest?

CHF 420.-  (flat rate per session) 

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